Downloads (Java Refactoring Browser with XML)

Jrbx-1.0 release February 27, 2003 (obsolete)
Jrbx-1.1 (no release)
Jrbx-1.2.4 release March 26, 2004
Jrbx-1.2.5 release June 19, 2004 (to use Jtool-1.2.10, no functionality change)
Jrbx-1.2.6 release August 29, 2004 (bug fix and extend the functionality of ExtractMethod)
Jrbx-1.2.7 release April 20, 2005 (bug fix of the undo mechanism)
Jrbx-1.2.8 release November 23, 2005 (implement a new undo mechanism)
Jrbx-1.2.9 release January 11, 2006 (run on a Windows enviroment)

Jrbx follows an AST-based refactoing browser jrb using JavaCC. The development of Jrbx as an Eclipse plug-in is continuing.

System Requirements

Jrbxl-1.2.9 is now available for download. It can run on standard UNIX platforms (e.g., Linux and Solaris) and requires:

to run. To compile, it also requires:

Downloading Jrbx

The latest version of Jrbx is available from here. The the jrbx-* file is a binary distribution and the jrbx-* file is a source distribution.

Installing and Running Jrbx

Installing the binary version of Jrbx

  1. Confirm the installation of Sapid-5.285.
  2. Unzip the contents of the downloaded jrbxl-* file to some directory ($jrbxdir).
  3. You can find the jtool.jar and jrbx.jar in the $jrbxdir/lib directory.

Installing and compiling the source version of Jrbx

  1. Unzip the contents of the downloaded jrbx-* file to some directory ($jrbxdir).
  2. Change the current directory to $jrbxdir.
  3. Rewrite the following path description for Sapid/XML (red letters) of the build.xml file in $jrbxdir for your environment,
    <pathelement location="lib/jtool.jar"/>.
    or use jtool.jar packaged in the directory $jrbxdir/lib.
  4. Execute "ant jar" to compile Jtool.
  5. You can find the jrbx.jar file in the $jrbxdir/lib directory.

Running Jrbx

  1. Execute "jrbx" in the $jrbx/bin directory.
  2. If it is the first run, input two directories ("Project Path" and "Sapid Path") to respective dialog windows. If you use Cygwin, input one additional directory ("Cygwin Path"). Otherwise, Jrbx loads the configuration file .properties.unix or in the directory where Jrbx is launched.
  3. Enjoy refactoring.
NOTE: A name of the installed directory includes no white space.
NOTE: Execute "chmod +x *" before running the jrbx because file permissions are not stored in the zipfile resulting from the Ant zip task.
NOTE: Modify the settings of the CLASSPATH environment variable to the directory where you installed Xerces and BCEL.



Move Method (move the method "amountFor" from the class "Customer" to the class "Rental")

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